Rip Curl Planet Water Bottles!


Did you know that Mexico is the largest consumer of bottled water…in the world?  Think about it: 113.4 million peopleeach drinking 234 liters of bottled water. Every. Year.

That’s not only a lot of water…but it’s an unbelievable amount of plastic, a lot of which ends up polluting the land, coastline and oceans.

Part of our mission at the Water’s Edge Project is to promote environmental stewardship in coastal communities. During our visit last year to Barra de La Cruz, our team helped the community to set up its first water station.  As we get ready to head down there again next month, continuing to work with the people in Barra to expand and  continue to improve this program will be one of our top priorities.

Because of the great feedback we got when we brought them last year (see picture, above), our good friends at Rip Curl Canada are once again sending us down with a big box of these sweet stainless steel water bottles!


Want more info on Rip Curl Planet? Click here! Thanks RC!


4 thoughts on “Rip Curl Planet Water Bottles!

  1. Just visited Barra de la cruz and were amazed over how smart those water station’s was! We’re traveling mexico + central america and never bought so little new water bottles as we did in Barra, WAY TO GO GUYS!

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